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Valid for 24 months, up to 6 spectators

  • The perfect group get together location for some serious flying and laughter along the way with access for a full day to one of our simulators.

    We are able to accommodate many group sizes in our simulation centre from 1 person up to 20.

    Are you looking to plan a corporate or team building day but struggling on something a little different? Our simulator is the ultimate team building exercise which can help to demonstrate the importance or working together and combining two work streams for one common goal.

    What Makes Our Experiences Special?

    - All experiences through The Flight Experience are run by current flying real world pilots - something very unique to our centre.

    - We are the highest rated flight simulator experience in the North of England on TripAdvisor- awarded the 2020 Travellers’ Choice award. While others may claim to be 'the best', our reviews stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    - Your experience is truly centered around you. When you visit, you will be the only experience visitors in the centre at that time - we do not have multiple sessions running at the same time, ensuring our focus is solely on you.

    - Experiences can be tailored to your requirements. Fly anywhere in the world, with over 24,000 airports. No two sessions are the same.

    - We have a large viewing area directly behind the simulator. Your whole family can watch & join in with the experience at no extra cost.

    Our Simulator

    - Our simulator is run on Prosim - AR Software - regarded as the highest fidelity flight model available on the market and used on certified simulators across the world.

    - Every button / switch performs as it does in the real aircraft with no dummy switches or gauges.

    - Over 100 faults can be programmed into the simulator, should you wish to mix things up with your session.

    - Our 220 degree wrap around screen offers immersion like no other. Built in South Korea, the screen is used in level D motion simulators across the world. You truly do believe you are flying a 70 tonne aircraft.

    - Used by 100's of airline pilots across the UK who visit us time and again.

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